Office Services

Your first introduction to Dr. Pratt’s office will begin with an opportunity for Dr. Pratt to hear about what you’ve been experiencing, how you feel about your health and the ramifications, and specific expectations you may have of our office.

This is also an opportunity for Dr. Pratt to explain our approach and how we go about doing things, so that you can decide for yourself if this is the appropriate direction for you to establish or maintain your health.

Systemic Evaluation and Treatment

Dr. Pratt uses a form of energetic muscle testing to help you determine your body’s primary systemic imbalances. With selective use of individually determined nutritional supplements, dietary patterning, structural body stimulation and balancing, and a host of other traditional and non-traditional remedies to effect regulatory function, she is able to assist your body to re-establish its own balance and structural integrity.

One of the specific methods employed by Dr. Pratt is called Autonomic Response Testing (Neuro-Kinesiology) or Quantum Reflex Analysis. This form of systemic analysis includes the evaluation of the many insults that may have occurred to your immune system. These may include food allergies, chemical sensitivity, unresolved dental infections or dental toxicity, systemic imbalance or deficiency, physical injury, emotional disharmony, glandular/hormonal imbalance and dehydration. We also use blood work, saliva testing and other forms of evaluation to help you effectively.

This specific approach is the foundational life’s work of Dr. Louisa Williams, DC, MS, ND (, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD,( and Dr. Robert Marshall,Phd(Premier Research at

Dr. Pratt reserves treatment time based on your individual condition. New patient cost is $145.00 whether your in the office or one of our internet patients. Subsequent visit intervals are co-determined by you and Dr. Pratt, with a monitoring appointment usually scheduled within a month, then spread out accordingly until your system is stabilized. Follow-up visits start at $108.00. These visits usually take about a half-hour to forty minutes.

Structural Balancing Care
Dr. Pratt is able to utilize a wide array of structural balancing methods to fit your specific circumstance. Most spinal alignment corrections can be achieved by gentle action to stimulate your body’s own natural recovery and realignment. She is trained in Arthro-stim, Diversified Technique, Gonstead analysis, Thompson drop  and activator stimulation.

Popular benefits routinely achieved clinically with structural balancing are increased comfort while standing, sitting and lying down, along with increased range of motion while moving and bending, with specific relief from pain, stiffness or tight muscles-in patients’ terms: relief, release, freedom of movement, and feeling lighter, with restoration of all that energy that was needed to deal with pain or restriction.

One of the lesser recognized reasons that make structural balancing essential is the repair and increased effectiveness of your body’s regulatory systems, often resulting in increased ability to concentrate, improved blood pressure regulation, increased coordination and overall vitality.

The fee for new patients with a focus limited to structural balancing care ranges from $80.00 depending on the patient’s condition. Follow-up visits start at $60.00 with additional charges for any additional modalities.

When appropriate for your specific condition, Dr. Pratt uses a Tenscam, an FDA approved device designed by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Charles Crosby. This light-emitting device uses scalar-wave technology and has been found to be very beneficial for pain syndromes, neurological disorders, swelling, inflammation, etc. The Tenscam is designed to re-establish the basic resonant frequencies of the body, which act to restore normal function and health without chemicals or mechanical intervention. This modality can be used as a primary form of care for a problem, or in addition to other forms of treatment. Cost of this treatment is $25.00. Patients can come in and use the Tenscam without additional services. We offer package deals. For more information see


The Alpha-Sonic is a vibrational sound-wave device that is held on top of your head for 3 minutes. This treatment helps align your energetic system similar to acupuncture. It is also known to help emotional regulation by allowing calming and to bring inspiration and inner guidance. Each treatment is $30.00, with your chiropractic visit, add $15.00. For more information see

Cold Laser Therapy
In order to speed the healing of injuries, we use a cold laser. This is a light that shines a beam of energy 5 inches into your body for dramatic healing. This therapy is a half-hour therapy for $35.00 and is performed by the doctor or by one of our massage therapists  on a massage table in a warm and cozy room. This is a completely painless and relaxing therapy. This service can be included with massage.







Celluma Laser Board

The Celluma laser board is a flexible large laser board that can fit on your back while you relax. Excellent for muscles, ligaments, increasing circulation and for that certain magic that laser offers–a kind of deep sense of overall health improvement that laser lovers crave. This device is also flexible enough to be used around a knee or ankle. The cost is $15.00 with your treatment as an add on or used alone in a private room. The treatment time is 10 minutes.






Emotional Care

Dr. Pratt provides several techniques that assist self-regulation of your emotions. One is called Psycho-kinesiology or as it is also known, Psycho-Neurobiology or Applied Psycho-Neurobiology. This technique is intended to relieve layers of emotional trauma by using the emotional reprogramming of rapid eye movement combined with neurological access into the brain with the use of color. This technique is often performed 10 to 15 times and the effects are usually quite dramatic. The process is scheduled for 45 minutes and the cost is $94.00 per session.

Massage Therapy

Massage is $60.00 per hour and $30.00 per half hour. It’s surprising how much relief you can get in a half hour. We have two beautiful and relaxing rooms with three different massage therapists to see. Rebecca Babcock, Sandee Foley, and Sylvia Holochwost. Each massage therapist brings a different set of valuable skills and natural gifts to the practice.




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