Recommended Links

Nutritional Foundations We are the local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. This group tracks local clean food, supports local farmers and ranchers and delivers literature to people interested in hormone, pesticide, and antibiotic free food practicing sustainable agricultural techniques. Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation is the granddaddy of organizations that started the move to clean living, fertile soil, holistic dentistry and the relationship to our health. Francis Pottenger, MD experimented on cats proving that a diet without nutrition and enzymes caused disease. He showed that each generation of cats became more and more diseased. Weston Price, DDS was a dentist who studied the diets of many different cultures. He noticed that when people ate whole foods and their native diet that they exhibited robust health. When they moved to geographic locations that were civilized, they began to eat a diet of processed foods and white sugar, that they had poorer health, dental decay, higher dental arches with crowded teeth and were less healthy in general. When they returned to their native diets of fruit, vegetables, meat and some grain, they once again had great health.

General Health Information This is a great alternative medicine source to subscribe to online they put out 2 newsletters per week and are an excellent source of current health information along with diet, nutrition and lifestyle information. The examiner of alternative medicine. This magazine is available for both doctors and patients and is full of innovative health information. A website filled with natural sinus treatments.

Clean Make-Up This is a source of clean chemical free makeup, shampoo, lotion, etc.

Information on Chemicals This website and the authors of the book, Our Stolen Future, have been almost solely responsible for the great research showing the correlation between estrogen and our derailed hormonal systems. The huge amounts of estrogen that we get in our diet, our water, from plastic, from petroleum, etc. are guilty of contributing to the hormonal cancers like testicular cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Safe Drinking Water This is the web site of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water. This hard working volunteer group is trying very hard to protect public drinking water from water fluoridation. Since is has been proven that fluoride doesn’t work when you swallow it, and contributes to so many health problems, it is insane to spend so much effort to promote adding a hazardous waste to our water. We side with the scientists of the EPA who stated in a congressional hearing that fluoride is harmful to your health and has no long term safety studies. Who would want this in our water and food? Lastly, if you are eating commercial food that is sprayed with the pesticide Cryolite, a very popular pesticide, you are already ingesting way more fluoride than the State of California has said is safe. The cost of filtration is astronomical and the stuff is so corrosive that it eats right through the filter in a very short time.