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In collaboration with my family, friends, other health professionals, and individuals with discerning minds and generous hearts, I have prepared and maintain this site for the benefit of my patients and other consumers in our mutual pursuit of continued wellness and our daily enjoyment.

Even prior to my training as a Chiropractor and certification as a Naturopath, I have always been an avid experimental consumer and I have always sought to verify the applicable values often hidden in all-too-optimistic claims.

During more than two decades of assisting patients with life-consuming ailments and systemic complexities that cried out for specific attention, I found, like many other consumers and doctors alike, that merely reading a manufacturer’s brochure, or following a treatment “recipe” is just not enough; that some products or protocols will never do the job intended, and finding those that will often requires a lifetime involvement or historical perspective, and is not easily accomplished without breadth of experience.

So it is with both delight and a sense of duty that I pass on these items of information that I perceive as pertinent, access to reliable resources and protocols for fulfilling your specific interests, and recommendations for products that have earned our collaborative exclamation point.

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